What I’m gettin’ myself into

July 15, 2015

In the last few months, I’ve unearthed a near handful of gems that have made my life smell, taste and operate better. And when you find that kind of goodness, the proper thing is to pass it along. This is not a sponsored post (I’m not quite there, folks). It is, however, kind of a mixed bag of treats, so follow along. There’s something for everyone.

Gettin into
1. Lifestinks deodorant.
The discovery of this antiperspirant, for me, was much like an archeologist uncovering a mastodon, or a couple from the Bachelor making it to the alter. It felt unlikely, but it was true. For years, the idea of applying aluminum to my underarms on the daily has driven me to seek and employ nearly every brand of natural deodorant on the shelves. They all resulted in the 1 pm stinkies, until I found her … the one. A friend turned me onto Lifestinks and I haven’t stopped powdering since. The Lavender regular strength is lovely, and justifies the price tag by promising a 9-months supply in each decanter. A little dab’ll do ya for the pits, and bonus, it doubles as dry shampoo.

2. Moscow Mules.
We’ll call it 4 years ago, I had my first copper cup of bliss at a quaint little watering hole called Congress in downtown Austin. One sip and I was sold. What was this bubbly ginger beer and where had it been all my life? The years tore us apart, but a trip to Put-In-Bay a few weeks back rekindled our boozy, unbridled love affair. The recipe is a simple prescription of vodka, lime juice and ginger beer. Feeling fancy? Toss in some mint or muddled raspberry and throw your mouth a party it will never want to leave.

3. House of Cards.
I am in a one-night-a-week binge relationship with this Netflix original. Now, I’ll be honest, a lot if not all of the bureaucratic jargon is completely over my head. (Damn you political science and your three branches of complicated terms and power players.) But Francis and Claire … how freaking fascinating are these creatures? The pair of them just make the show for me. They’re twisted in the most wonderful way and I just want to put on a stealth black jogging suit and gasp for air behind them down a dark trail. The Congressional pieces for me are just foreplay. Give me more of these weirdos getting all power wasted and disregarding basic human decency in exchange for titles and self gratification. Ah, the American dream.

4. Regalo Easy Diner Portable Hookon Highchair.
Hank found this puppy on Amazon and it has been a game changer. Initially, we wanted to keep it in Emma for picnic table dining. But now we’re slappin’ this sucker on every sturdy surface we can find. It’s stupid-easy to attach, wipes up like a shiny new penny and folds down into a handy little pouch. It’s a great solve for restaurants, visiting friends or something for the grandparents to keep around when the kiddies stop by.

5. Oh, and there’s that half marathon training. I’ve been getting into half marathon training …

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