Back to print, with plants

May 14, 2015

A van full of offspring and three pants sizes ago, I majored in magazine journalism. You see, people used to actually go and buy printed pieces of paper with words and pictures – which made stories –  and they would turn pages and, well, the whole thing made for a good time. But now we swipe and scroll and what’s tangible isn’t as trendy, and …. I digress.

My first job out of college was working on a bimonthly food magazine with my college roommate. I wrote, she designed, and we drank at Howl at the Moon on Tuesday nights. It was such an exciting time. So, when she reached out for some freelance help a few months back, the 23 year old deep inside me danced like the rhythm-having, club-going, cool kid she once was.

Kit is a charming bimonthly magazine out of Indianapolis that offers fashion and lifestyle pieces for women. I was recruited to write a 2-page spread on picking the perfect plants for your spring landscaping. It’s great information and this lady can’t wait to get a tomato/potato hybrid going in my beds.

Check out Kit’s blog for more fun stuff for spring.

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  • Reply A-Hart May 15, 2015 at 1:46 pm

    I just read your first sentence aloud (or is it 'out loud', Wordsmith?) to Kelly…. you're so darn witty! A true gem on paper my dear. Fo' Sho!

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