The melody moves me

November 17, 2015
There are some really great songs on the radio right now. There’s also a whole lotta garbage. But these little ditties are so special to me right now for some very special reasons.

Worth It by Fifth Harmony
Makes me think of baked goods. Like, I literally listen to the chorus and picture a line of dancing cookies, chocolates and caramel apples. And you know what, I believe them.

I Used to Love You by Gwen Stefani
Easily me talking to a pack of Marlboros. Also, equally as likely I’d be talking to clear rum and Diet Coke. Oh, the memories.

Hello by Adele
This is me talking to my microbiome (my gut health). I need to apologize for the sugar I sent down there. I need to express my regret for the fried mushrooms and box of chocolate chip drops of heaven. It’s just so hard to get through.

Can’t Feel My Face by the Weeknd
Cold-weather exercise, huh? I mean, fall is finally here and as far as I’m concerned, it can go right back where it came from. It’s dark by 6 o’clock and the late-autumn breeze really bites (and blows).

Let it Go from Frozen
Me, singing to the song Let it Go.

Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon
So, last Friday a bunch of my girlfriends from my last job and I got together. The wine started flowing, the gossip was starting to run dry and the music got louder. Before we knew it the peppy little Zumba instructor among us was leading a class in the living room, with 5 little plastered monkeys doing everything she did. Quote of the night, “This is my stage, mmmmK?” Brought the sobriety up 5%.

Good for You by Selena Gomez
I know she says, “I just wanna look good for ya,” but I hear, “I just wanna do good for ya, good for ya, ow, ow … ow, ow,” and think of  apple cider vinegar. Sometimes I make the bottle sing before I pour it into a glass and gag 20 times.

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