If, hypothetically, I could write a personal ad to locate the missing means necessary to connect with the greatest version of myself, it would read something like this:

Woman in her 30s seeks unrealistic balance as it relates to full-time employment, raising three daughters, marriage, mindfulness, wanderlust, faith, fitness and creativity. All applicants must provide some advancement toward this equilibrium and imagined bliss.

As it currently stands, I would say I am peddling a unicycle on a tightrope stretching tensely between living happily in the moment and the relentless pursuit of progression. I am the ringleader of a beautiful, chaotic circus. A circus with amazing acts and characters.

Consider this your formal invitation to follow along on my perpetual quest to harness harmony through self-improvement, enlightenment and adventure. The truth is, I don’t know how this journey will go. The truth is, I am learning, failing and making glorious mistakes. The truth is, I am Desperately Seeking Superwoman.