Arangadang adoration

April 27, 2015

Before we can even get into the obscene amount of adorable that I’m about to put on you, we have to get on the same page. If you have not already been witness to this piece of pop culture history, take a moment, won’t you?

This was pre-Anna, and, mind you, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a Veronica Mars follower. At one point, the sole source of my appreciation for Kristen Bell was this sloth video.

Bringing it back to this post, our Children’s Zoo recently welcomed a baby orangutan, Asmara. There are two things I geek out about when I take the girls: 1) Feeding the giraffes, and 2) the orangutans in the rain forest exhibit. Spike calls them “arangadangs” which, let’s face it, just adds another layer of awesome.  I mean, they sit on branches with trashcan lids on their heads for crying out loud. They can kill you with a swift backhand, but they have such humanistic features and expressions.

When someone at work sounded the alarm for a last-minute photo shoot, I threw out the zoo as a suggestion, never imagining in a trillion years we would end up, as I imagined in my dreams, on a Friday morning, standing in an observation room in the rain forest with just 5 feet of space and a pane of glass between me, Asmara and her family. They were sloths, and I was Kristen Bell.





There are times when I can, and then there are times like this when I … just … can’t even.

Plus,  these dudes:


You’re welcome. Now go hysterically cry and record yourself.

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  • Reply A-Hart April 28, 2015 at 11:31 pm

    I heart your blog sister. I had NOT seen the Kristen Bell/Ellen clip – too darn funny. I imagine that I will feel that way when I encounter my first orca in the wild. Because Courtney, duh. It's a killer whale. 🙂

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