Attention campers: Get your ultimate popup packing list

June 29, 2016

Oh, hey you guys. Sorry about that little break there. I had a big project for work and a business trip to Chicago and I dabbled a bit in sun poisoning … It’s been a crazy 8 days of summer. This post is coming from a recent request I got from one of my favorite folks around who just procured a popup camper. You might recall that we have a tenement on wheels that answers to the name Emma.

When it comes to camping in a modest popup, we’ve certainly had our share of wonderful times, as well as times where it was more touch-and-go (who can forget the birthday party hosted by Satan himself?). It took a few hitchings and pitchings before we found our groove, there’s no denying that. It got testy a time or two before the air conditioning kicked up. There was also the time we spent 5 solid hours on top of each other as the Ohio rains came down mercilessly upon us. Not exactly a zen experience.

But we’ve learned that the difference between making memories and simply managing misery often rests in the preparation. Do yourself a favor; Get a few tubs and keep them stocked with the essentials and, with the addition of a few items you want to pack fresh, you’ll be set to savor some family time on a stress-free holiday in Mother Nature’s magical motel.

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“Send me a list of your camping essentials, please! We’re going at the end of July and I’m already freaking out.” my friend text me. Well, I like to think of myself as an oversharer granter of wishes. So, I started by asking Hank what he would consider, “essential” …

Hose for drinking water
Water filter
5 gallon Jerry can (for water)
Pressure regulator
Leveling blocks or 2x4s
Extension cord (Whatever power popup has)

“After that, it’s just how do you wanna live?” He said. You probably don’t know him, but this is a very Hank thing to say.

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Here are the things I keep in my tubs for campsite L-I-V-I-N:

Pudgy Pie Maker
Good folding chairs
Dutch oven and/or cast iron skillet
Party lights
Outdoor rug
Bug spray
Long lighter
Bag of charcoal and lighter fluid
Glow sticks
Collapsible scooters for kids
Bubbles + sidewalk chalk
Coloring books, crayons, Uno, whatever keeps your kids sane when the rain comes
Sleeping bags + pillows
Hand sanitizer
Dish tub + dish soap + a sponge
Coffee Pot and coffee
Cups and mugs
Box of tissue
Large Ziplock bags
Large trash bags
Pop trashcan
Ove gloves
Paper towels and/or cloths
Jugs of drinking water
Small broom and dustpan
Sandals + gym shoes + hiking boots
Tweezers (for splinters) + First Aid kit with plenty of Band-Aids
Toiletries + face wipes
Clothes + extra clothes (because someone will pee their pants and it might just be you)
Laundry bag (for dirty clothes)
iPad (Shut up, let’s be real here) loaded with movies
Portable Bluetooth speaker
A travel journal that stays in the camper (I write down campground, site # and any special memories from each trip)

This just in! Hank – coming to terms with the endless sea of estrogen in which he’s swimming – just ordered a portable potty for nighttime emergencies. I’ll keep you posted.

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